"Remember those who are in prison, as though in prison with them, and those who are mistreated, since you also are in the body."   Heb 13:3 ESV

How it works:

Incarcerated parents nominate their children to receive a Christmas gift with a personal message from their parent and the Gospel message. Nominations are submitted over the summer and are vetted by Prison Fellowship which are then sent us as a host church. We call each family to verify the information and to get permission to deliver the requested git. An Angel Tree Christmas gift tag is prepared and displayed on a tree in our lobby so volunteers can choose the one(s) they want and purchase the gift. The gifts are returned to the church, wrapped, sorted and given to VF delivery teams to deliver the week before Christmas.

Last year Victory Faith served over 90 children. This year we have been assigned 100 children in Spokane and Spokane Valley. This is a challenging and very rewarding ministry, and it takes a dedicated team to make it all happen once we receive our assignments in late October.

Please consider signing up to help - many hands make light work! Below you will find information on the various ways that you can help.

The following describes the activities for the various Angel Tree Volunteer Teams. Each Team volunteer position only requires a few hours of your time when it fits your schedule.

Telephone Team

We need to telephone about 45 families from the applications we received to get their permission to deliver a gift at Christmas, verify that the delivery information we have is correct and to get more detailed information about an appropriate gift.

The more folks we have on the phones the fewer families each team member will need to call. These calls go pretty quickly and have to be completed rather quickly.

The VF Angel Tree Coordinator will be available to help as well.

Lobby Team

We will have lobby tables at both the Valley and North campuses for volunteer sign up, Angle Tree gift tag assignments and to receive purchased gifts in November and December. Will need a few people to help man the tables to ask questions, log the Angel Tree tags when some one chooses one and to log in the gifts as folks return them to the church.

This isn't a lot of work, but it is vital for a successful program. You will meet a lot of interesting people and likely hear stories about how Angel Tree has touched lives.

Gift Wrapping Team

Gifts will be brought to the church unwrapped. The gift wrapping, storing and sorting will happen at the Valley Campus this year. This team will  log the gifts in as we receive them and then wrap and sort all of the gifts. Receiving and sorting will happen on Sundays in December and the wrapping will occur at the Valley Campus during the day the week of December 12. The last Sunday before Christmas is mostly sorting and helping to get the packages ready for the Delivery Teams to pick up..

We need about 10 people on this team to wrap and sort the 100+ gifts. Volunteers from both campuses are needed.

Shuttle Team

Both VF campuses will be involved with Angel Tree 2021. The gift wrapping, tracking and sorting will happen at the Valley Campus this year. We will need a couple people with SUVs or cars with large trunks to shuttle gifts from North Campus to Valley Campus so they can be stored, wrapped and sorted. Then we will need the shuttle to take the sorted packages back to North Campus the Sunday before Christmas for the North Campus Delivery Teams to pick up.

We need a couple volunteers to provide shuttles and one to coordinate the shuttle team. Remember, many hands make light work!

Delivery Teams

We'll need several delivery teams to take the gifts from the church to the families the week before Christmas. Each team must have one responsible adult over 25 and another over 18. The teams are welcome to take age appropriate children with them if they wish.

The Delivery Teams will attend a training session a couple weeks before Christmas via ZOOM and then receive their assigned families list via mail. The teams will call their families to set up a delivery appointment (generally an hour or two window) to be sure the care givers and child will be present.

We'll do the best we can to assign you deliveries proximate to the VF campus you attend unless you request otherwise.

This is perhaps the most fun of all the teams. You get to meet smiling kids, spread the gospel and some Christmas cheer. We'll need about 10 Delivery Teams this year.


We need another person to help coordinate at VF North to set up the lobby table, schedule the shuttle, distribute tags and collect gifts. We have one volunteer already but need a few helpers.

We also need someone to train for the Angel Tree Coordinator job which requires computer skills and familiarity with Microsoft Office. Familiarity with Microsoft Access is a plus but not necessary.

The coordinator keeps the database up to date as we collect information about each child, prepares the Angel Tree tags, keeps track of the tags once they are assigned to be sure that they are returned to the church with a gift, supervises the wrapping and sorting of the gifts and tracks them until they are delivered. After Christmas there are a few reports that need to be prepared and sent to National.

The coordinator also works with the church to coordinate the announcements and lobby table as well as the post Christmas ministry.