It's that time of the year already!

Time to sign up to volunteer for the Victory Faith Angel Tree Team

This year we again have several Teams to help get this project done efficiently. We're all pretty busy this time of year, so the more people who volunteer the fewer hours each of us will have to spend for the program to be successful.

We have requested 100 children to gift (the same as precious years). Those assignments should be coming by late October. Our first task will be to mobilize our telephone team.

Following are the Team descriptions:

Telephone Team: We need about 10 volunteers to make contact 4 or 5 families each to get permission to deliver the gifts, verify delivery information, get gift ideas and explain the program. These calls must be done before a gift tag can be generated.

Lobby Team: We need several people for the  Angel Tree Table in the lobby at both campuses for Sunday services during the Angel Tree season. The Angel Tree table will be the hub for information, distributing gift request tags and collecting gifts as folks return their purchases for wrapping and delivery.

Wrapping Team: We'll need at least 12 volunteers to help wrap gifts on Thursday and Friday, Dec 16 and 27, and then 3 or 4 again on Sunday, December 18  during services to wrap last minute gifts, help inventory and sort gifts and distribute them to the Delivery Teams.

Shuttle Team: We'll need a couple people to help shuttle gifts from North campus to Valley campus for sorting and wrapping and then again to transport the team gift bags back to the North Campus on Dec 19.

Delivery Team: We'll need about 10 teams of two adults to deliver packages to the Angel Tree kids. We'll have between 40 and 50 families to deliver to all over the Spokane and Spokane Valley area. Some parents bring their children with them to share in the experience. Time commitment is one training session via ZOOM at time that is mutually acceptable and an hour or so on the phone scheduling the deliveries. We try to assign families for delivery to your team so that they are in the same area. Deliveries will take  two or three hours during the week before Christmas.

New for 2022:  After Christmas Ministry Team
Every year we do follow up with our Angel Tree families but have never gathered a team for this important part of our Angel Tree program. This year I hope to form a team of 8 to 10 volunteers who feel led t this important ministry.

One can think of this ministry as both a Care Ministry and a Welcome Ministry intended to help our Angel Tree families feel connected and remembered not just at Christmas, but all year. The team will also help keep our Angel Tree families informed about important information that may affect them like the Angel Tree Summer Camping Scholarship program and youth activities at Victory Faith that their children could attend. The intention of the ministry is to make the Care Givers and their children feel included and welcome at Victory Faith. If Victory Faith is not their church home, we still want these families to know they are part of our Victory Faith Angel Tree family.

Each team member will be assigned a few families (4 or 5) to call every month to check in with them, invite them to whatever may be coming up on our VF calendar, remind them that our prayer team prays for our Angel Tree families every week and take special prayer requests. This has been a very rewarding part of our Angel Tree Ministry that warrants expansion this year.

If you are a Telephone Volunteer or a Delivery Team volunteer, this ministry may be well suited for you as a continuance of the relationships you may have already started to establish.

Team members may wish to continue serving on this team in following years which is fine. Some of the families we serve are the same every year while others may not be served at all the following year for a variety of reasons but are still part of Angel Tree until their children age out at 18. Many of those families fall away, but a few will remain connected to VF and will appreciate a call periodically.