Websites for Non-profits


We provide website design, hosting and website maintenance to 501.c.3 corporations in the Pacific Northwest. We are able to offer low cost alternatives for professional websites with integrations to a variety of options including credit card processing, sophisticated forms, data export to your share drive in real time, tools and training for your designated personnel to update and maintain existing pages on your site. Once we have your site running properly with your initial design we offer training for your personnel at affordable rates so that you can maintain, update and revise your sites on your own.

We also offer very low cost site hosting for small organizations with your own domain on our shared platform. Email addresses using your domain name are also available at competitive rates per user paid either annually or monthly. We can also offer hosting for larger sites that require a dedicated server at competitive pricing.

One of our core principles working with your organization is to be sure that you have all the necessary information to access, control and edit every aspect of your site so that you can go to any qualified web designer and have them work on your site. Additionally, we train at least one person on your staff to be able to do routine, daily tasks in the site so you can keep your site fresh and up to date without relying on outside help.