Acts519 Introduction is a new web site designed to bring together the Christian based ministries I am working with.  I am retired and have settled into the Spokane, WA, area. My ministry through Prison Fellowship extends well beyond the Spokane are into much of Washington State and parts of Idaho. I have one mentee in Pennsylvania.

The Holy Spirit has lead me to work with returning citizens released from prison to help them break free from the shackle of Second Prison that lead a large majority of them back to prison. The Christian community does a good job bringing the Good News to prison inmates, leading men and women to Christ, teaching the Word and encouraging these men and women to change their lives with the help of Christ our Lord.

Unfortunately, because of most Department of Corrections policies, the connections these men and women make with the church leaders who come into the prisons to minister to them are broken when they step through the prison gates back into their community. There is much work to be done to establish welcoming church communities to receive these men and women, mentor them and encourage them to help them achieve their goals of a meaningful, crime free life in Christ. Many of these returning citizens have never lived a Christian life before, never known what it is like to be responsible, hold a job, vote or be a part of a supportive community. Much of the healing necessary to change their lives occurs while they are incarcerated through the in prison ministries. It becomes the job of a nurturing, mentoring community of Christians to help them master the life skills necessary to succeed in their goals.

It is exciting to work with these men and women and watch the Holy Spirit restore families, realize their potentials and examine their potentials through Christ.

I'll use this blog to help keep you informed about what is going on in my area.

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